Happy September PNW Foodies!

As many of you know, September is the last full month for Lincoln City Farmers OUTDOOR Market. The last day is October 6th. I am not sure why this weather seems to be so disagreeable and messing with our Sundays. Serious sad face… 🙁

Don’t get me wrong we love, I mean, LOVE, the rain, just not quite yet….or maybe any other day besides Sunday. Last week, the brave souls who dared set up their canopies ran for cover a few hours in and so Market shut down. Another serious sad face… 🙁

We learned quite a bit that day, and our cart is not designed to brave such conditions no matter how PNW our souls scream. Wild winds. Howling rains. Exposed hot oil. This week shows rain. I check my wonky weather app. every day like every hour. The only constant change is what other days beyond Sunday will be drippy. I was sooo looking forward to finishing this first summer set strong. Sooo here is the run-down…

  • IF LCFM does not cancel and rain is present, we WILL have our #ThisIsClamChowder no matter. IF the sun should warm our soggy Sunday we will have Alaskan Fresh Halibut and Rockfish, not sushi-grade flash-frozen, but FRESH, freshiest, fresh.

As always, we cannot thank you all enough for your support. The other vendors, M&J studios, big red-truck Jon, my brother, and his wife for birthing the most amazing young teenager who graces me with blonde hair and braids & especially the food vendors of LCFM are the bomb-diggity and have made our venture warm and welcoming, like coming home to family. We pray you feel the same.

Serious not-sure face… :/

You are all major rock-stars. Each and every one of you! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Last but not least, the menu offered at the market are not the only possibilities for our food ventures or wanders. We are working on catering menus. If you have an event or ideas for an event coming up keep us in mind or send us an email to ponder. Wishing you all the best!

Squatch On!

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