Dear August…Where did you come from?

We’ve had our fair share of issues starting out, ugh. 🙁

We want to thank all our patrons for your patience and loyalty! From Michael and his beautiful wife, see, I remembered your name, to our little chix and waffle guy who drives his parents crazy waiting for Sunday to come. We cannot tell you what a pleasure it is to see you each week on our little Sunday in Lincoln City.

The team at #PortDock3 #FvChelseaRose have taken amazing care of us, providing plenty of #freshfreshiestfresh fish and we’ll keep coming back for more. If we felt braver we’d have a major fish fry with their team at the end of our seasons.

The weather has been temperate and the chowder on point. The Lincoln City Oregon Farmers Market runs through September. We look forward to seeing you there!

Any Squatchy stories out there?

nature walking animal strong
Let’s Squatch!

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