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The Squatch Trials

Hear ye, hear ye…

Everyone loves a good story! While eatin’ our grub share your experience & perhaps a BIG tale or 2!

Kristine L.*****

Squatchsami Clam Chowder


We spent our first vacation day at Lincoln City’s Farmer’s Market this last Sunday and discovered your AMAZING food! The clam chowder was beyond delicious, so we ended up purchasing two quarts to enjoy later. Thank you so much for the wonderful food and welcoming environment.

Paulina L.*****

Squatchsami Oregon Coast Eatery

My family and I went to the farmers market the 23rd and your chicken and waffles was sooo yummy! That bacon butter 🔥 Oooh and the rockfish 😍as you can tell we loved your food, my kids gobbled it up. I look forward to seeing you again next year when we visit again.

Our Very 1st*****

Squatchsami Clam Chowder

We went to the Lincoln City market this Sunday. We live here and have been so busy that this is the first weekend we have been able to make it. We found this gem of a restaurant. We got there late and had already had lunch. Squatchsami offered a taste of the clam chowder and it was so good that we bought a quart to take home. OMG…it is so good. Can’t wait to taste their fish and chips. I hope they stay and get a permanent home in Lincoln City.

Caden R.*****

Squatchsami Oregon Coast Best Fish & Chips

We finally got to try Squatchami today after a long anticipation since they opened and they did not disappoint! Everything was delicious, we got the halibut fish and chips, chowder, and the chicken. The chipotle tartar sauce put a new twist on the fish and chips. Go check them out! We will be back a few times before we go back to Cali.

Alyssa L.*****

Squatchsami Oregon Coast Eatery

Life Changing! This family of four gave the whole menu a taste while we were in town, and we all went back for more!

Our clam chowder connoisseur wouldn’t come up for air!

And even the most timid seafood eater could understand why, every spoonful was loaded with cream covered goodness!
The bacon butter waffles blew our minds!

And there was SO much meat to the chicken in our delicious Chix n’ Stix. Simply, NEXT LEVEL!
Their Rosemary Fries were SO tasty!

Beware, Squatchsami! We will be back!

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