Limited Sample Menu for Summer 2020

    • Squatchsami Food Cart 2020

      Beachcrest Brewing Company Pop-Up on Fridays, Saturdays & Sundays & Lincoln City, Oregon Farmers Market starting in September 2020 with our Limited Seasonal Menu, Sundays from 9am -2pm. Join Squatchsami for brunch!

    • Weekly Fresh Sheet:                                Local Pacific Fish & Chips

      Weekly Fresh Sheet: Local Pacific Fish & Chips

      Rockfish $ Market
      Tuna $ Market
      Ling-Cod $ Market
      Halibut $ Market
      Shorty Portion Rockfish $

      We support our local community and source 2 fishes weekly from area purveyors. We are excited to buy directly from The Newport Chelsea Rose or The Dory Fleet out of Garibaldi. Our fish is battered with Local BeachCrest Brewery Beer.

    • Honey Fried Buttermilk Chicken Tenderloins Basket

      Honey Fried Buttermilk Chicken Tenderloins Basket

      Shorty Portion $7

      We utilize the finest white meat, dredge in locally sourced buttermilk and toss in secret Squatch spices to produce tender pieces of chicken you won't forget. Eat alone or pair with fresh whipped buttermilk ranch dressing.

    • Grannies Scratch Waffle

      Grannies Scratch Waffle


      Smothered in Bacon-Butter. Yes, freshly made bacon-butter. Everything is FRESH and sourced with local ingredients.

    • Chix & Waffle

      Chix & Waffle


      Pair the PNW Faves and hunger for more. Sundays won't come quick enough to partake in another serving.

    • This is Clam Chowder

      This is Clam Chowder

      Cup $5
      Quart $18

      Calling all Chowder hounds or those who haven't found their chowder calling quite yet. #ThisIsClamChowder That taster spoon will turn into a cup and that cup into a take-home quart. You're Welcome.

    • French-Fries


      +RoseMary $4

      Made with love, tender on the inside and crispy on the outside like every PNW fry lover enjoys. Tossed with Sea-Salt or add our Drift-Creek RoseMary.